Organic Food

Most food that we consume or buy in the local grocery store is considered to be safe by US Government standards. This does not mean that it always comes from a natural source, or that it is grown or fed completely free of pesticides and hormones. Organic food claims that anything sold is made free of these harmful elements, and is all-natural. No meat is produced from genetically modified animals. No antibiotics or hormones are given to livestock. All vegetables are grown pesticide-free, with no synthetic fertilizers, therefore making the produce better for consumers.

Organic or not Organic?

The benefits of organic food is not just what farmers do NOT use, but what avoiding these things can actually ADD to the food. Foods grown in healthier soil can actually provide many more nutrients than those grown with chemicals. Some people even say that they actually taste much better as well. Additionally, organic food is better for the environment since the farmers are not releasing dangerous things back into the water, soil, or air. Some grocery stores are beginning to sell organic foods, although they may be at a higher cost than those grown commercially. This is because the farms where organic food is grown or raised are smaller, therefore hiking up the costs in order to compete. But many say it is well worth it.

Taking care of the earth and our bodies is extremely important. By purchasing and consuming organic food, we are not only treating our bodies with respect, we are respecting the environment as well. In addition, organically raised animals are treated without cruelty, and fed with the highest quality ingredients, resulting in better tasting meat. Look for a store near you that sells organic food and begin experiencing a new way of healthier eating.