Mexican Food

Mexican food is increasingly growing in popularity among the American public. There are a great many number of exciting and tantalizing dishes to choose from. Tacos and taco salad are some of the most common choices, but Mexican food offers up loads of other wonderful choices. Nacho chips served with salsa and queso dip are a great appetizer, as well as guacamole. Guacamole is made with avacados and onions, and although the green color might put some people off, it’s hard to resist this sensuous dip once you’ve tried it.

Quesadillas are flour tortilla wedges served up with chicken and cheese and served with sour cream. Quesadillas make a wonderful appetizer and are popular at many restaurants, but can also serve as an entire meal as well. Enchiladas are corn tortillas stuffed with meats and cheeses topped with a delicious red sauce. Burritos are large rolled up tortillas that contain just about any ingredient you choose. “Burrito bars” are quickly becoming best-selling restaurants all around the country where you can fill your burrito with all kinds of delicious components. Fajitas make a great dinner dish. Flour tortillas are topped with different foods including shrimp, chicken or fish. Often, the fajita is brought to the table still hot and sometimes the whole skillet is presented with the food still flaming!

Mexican food is not limited to the main course. There are some wonderful traditional desserts that are offered as well. Sopapillas are thick fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar and come with honey for dipping. Fried ice cream is a fun dessert that is made by taking scoops of vanilla ice cream, rolling it in a crunchy topping, and deep frying it. Top it with chocolate sauce and you have a delectable dessert. Many people do not know that flan, an egg custard with caramel sauce originated from Mexico. With so many different choices available, Mexican food is a super choice for a meal that reflects a culture filled with pride for its native food.