Low-Fat Recipes

We all know that a diet high in fat can contribute to weight gain and other health problems. In a world where just about everything is deep fried or covered in sugar, it can be extremely hard to find foods that are low in fat without compromising tastes. But the fact is, there are a great deal of wonderful low-fat recipes out there that actually taste delicious. You CAN enjoy the foods you’re used to eating without the excess fat. There are so many sources today for low-fat recipes; you may be surprised to know that almost anything you normally eat can be made in a low-fat version.

Many times, a low-fat recipe calls for some different ingredients in place of the high fat ones. For example, if you are making a Caesar salad dressing, replace the oil with some chicken stock, and while you’re eliminating some fat, you’re also adding some new flavor! Substitute whole eggs with their yolks with just the egg whites while making a cake or pastry. Some people have actually discovered that you can bake with applesauce instead of oil, and your cakes come out just as fluffy as they normally would, but much better for you! There are so many options to choose from when trying out low-fat recipes. Most emphasize on experimenting with healthier things, while others focus on limiting portion sizes. Either way, you can lose weight and remove some of the fat in your diet by following these new and healthy recipes.

Since a lot of doctors recommend a low-fat diet for a healthy lifestyle, the boom has grown over the years. You can find these recipes on websites and in books. Look in your local bookstore and you’re bound to find plenty of low-fat recipe books. Also, talk to your friends and family and discover who else is on a low-fat diet and you can share ideas.