Italian Food

One of the most popular traits of the Italian people is their love for food. This can also be said for the American public, as we always enjoy a good Italian meal. There are so many wonderful Italian dishes out there; it can be difficult to decide what our favorite might be. Pizza, spaghetti, and lasagna are among the most popular dishes, but manicotti, risotto, veal and chicken Parmesan, and calzones are also wonderful choices.

The key to a great Italian dish is a wide variety of cheeses, fresh ingredients, and a great, rich sauce. Manicotti is a tubular noodle that is filled with a blend of cheeses and occasionally meats, and then smothered with rich tomato sauce. Risotto is a form of short-grained rice that comes from Northern Italy. It can be made with anything from mushroom to shrimp, and even sausage. A really great appetizer is bruschetta, which is a toasted bread topped with fresh tomato, basil, and cheeses.

Dessert is also great when it is served Italian style. Tiramisu is a delectable treat made with ladyfingers, marscapone cheese, cream, amaretto, espresso, liquor, and chocolate. It is an absolutely wonderful way to finish off a great Italian meal. Another favorite dessert is biscotti, which is a thick cookie, often eaten by dunking it in coffee or tea. Biscotti are becoming extremely popular and you can often find it sold in coffee shops around the country. The cookie comes in a great many different varieties and flavors. Most Italian food is very versatile since it is usually made with pastas. The pastas can be incorporated into either a sweet or a savory dish, depending upon the recipe.

Rich, decadent, and very filling would be the essence of Italian food. It is something to be savored and enjoyed, and combines all of the senses to make a wonderful, memorable meal.