Irish Food

Many people equate the Irish diet with consisting of nothing but bland potatoes. This myth, however, is untrue, since the Irish enjoy eating many foods other than just the starchy staple. Irish food provides a wide variety of different and wonderful dishes, as people cannot live on potatoes alone! You may also be surprised to know that the Irish consume more tea per person that any other country, including Great Britain. Additionally, whiskey, coffee, and beer are very popular beverages. As for food, there are many unusual items to choose from like Irish stew, which is a mixture of lamp, potato, onion, and parsley. Soda bread is another popular choice, which is basically bread that uses soda as a leavener. Boxty is the Irish term for potato cakes, while bangers is slang for sausage. Pork, bacon, and lamb are the main meats eaten in Ireland, while carrots, turnips, and a variety of greens are the most popular vegetables.

Dessert also plays an important role in Irish cuisine. There are all kinds of different things to satisfy your sweet tooth like apple and barley pudding, Irish coffee cake, lemon curd, and a variety of pies and cakes made with whiskey. There are a vast amount of Irish cookbooks available that span from traditional customary dishes all the way to new fancier gourmet style cooking. In reality, Irish food is not much different than that of the United States. For instance, a typical Irish breakfast (or “full breakfast”) consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, and bread. The only difference is in how the meats are cooked, as well as the fact that things like pudding are usually also included. Cast your preconceived notions aside and try something from the emerald isle, you may be surprised at how much you like it!