Indian Food

Indian food has a great deal of history and mysticism attached to it. A lot what people in India eat depends upon their region and religions. Regardless of what is eaten, spices play an integral role in almost all of Indian food. Some people in India are vegetarians, while others will eat fish, but this is all dependent upon the weather and harvest season, and what can be grown in which areas. Many people of India eat their food on a large green leaf known as “thali”, or banana leaf. The edges of the leaf are raised all the way around to create a makeshift bowl. Fish and rice are the two main staples of Indian food. Various teas and rum are the beverages of choice, as well as certain whiskeys.

Tandoori is a very popular Indian dish that has reached the western world. It is a combination of different meats marinated in ginger, spices, and curd roasted over an open fire. Another main dish is a kind of wrap that contains shredded vegetables mixed with spices. Curry is one of the most important ingredients in Indian food. Curry is a spice that can range from mild to extremely hot, dependent upon the amount used and if the spice is diluted with coconut milk to help ease the heat. Curry powder can be placed on chicken, fish, or other meats and cooked with the food to give it some zing. As for desserts, “jalebis” consists of a dough that is formed into loops and deep fat fried, and then drizzled with syrup. In addition to the use of spices in cooking, they are believed to have medicinal properties as well. If you are looking for unique and exotic new foods, Indian food may be just the thing you are looking for.