High Fiber Foods

Fiber is a key element that should be included in every diet. It is know to help regulate our bowels as well as prevent cholesterol and help promote a healthy heart. You can easily supplement your diet with fiber capsules, powders, and pills, but fiber is most effective in its most natural form, so finding high fiber foods to eat is essential. Fruit is a wonderful way to get fiber in your diet. Apples are rich in fiber content and are a delicious summer fruit. Juices of just about any kind are acceptable as well. Eating fruits and vegetables raw is the best way to get fiber, since cooking them can drain them of their nutrients.

Oats, grains, and bran are also wonderful ways to add fiber to your diet. Look for breads that state they are whole grain or wheat instead of regular white bread, which has very little or no fiber. There are also wheat pastas available today that are made with grains instead of white flour. Beans and nuts provide natural sources of fiber, as well as popcorn. All of these are versatile foods that can be eaten in a number of different ways, so you don’t have to compromise taste in order to get the fiber you need.

There are many other advantages to eating high fiber foods other than just keeping you regular. Fiber helps prevent colon cancer and other cancers, and is essential for maintaining a healthy heart. It has been known to help lower cholesterol in just about anyone who has problems with high numbers. Since the body does not digest fiber, it is used as a “cleaning” mechanism to help keep our organs free from damage. It has also been known to promote weight loss. Fiber is a wonderful contributor to a balanced diet, so be sure to get your daily portion of high fiber foods each and every day.