Herman Food

You might not have heard the term herman food before, so what exactly is it? Herman food is a “starter” for various breads and baked goods. The mixture consists of yeast, water, flour, and sugar. This starter combination is used in all kinds of great foods and is often shared with others once it is made. You will first need a bowl of warm water (about two cups), which the yeast will be poured into until dissolved. Once the yeast is dissolved, add in the flour and sugar and stir, then cover and allow it to sit in a warm spot overnight. The following day your herman mixture will be stirred and placed in the refrigerator. After about five days, this dough should have risen, and is now ready to be cut in half and given to a friend so that they can start their own batch. When your friend receives their starter dough, they will need to “feed” it with more flour, sugar, and milk until it has grown again to be shared.

This tradition is a great way to share new recipes and welcome new faces to the neighborhood. You might wonder what can be made with herman food. There are so many different things such as coffee cake, sourdough bread, rolls, cookies, and more. The recipe for herman starters varies from person to person, but the general ingredients are the same. The major difference is the mixing and sitting time. You will need to follow the recipe precisely to make sure your starter batch works well. Once it has risen and been mixed, it’ll be ready to share with friends and family. Some people say if done right, herman food can keep going on forever. This is a great way to learn new recipes and make new friends, along with keeping up a wonderful tradition.