Greek Food

Greek people pride themselves on their exotic options and offerings of food. There are so many wonderful choices when eating these delicious dishes; it can be hard to choose which one is your favorite. Olives and olive oil is almost literally a staple of the Greek diet. In fact, it has been said that the country allows its citizens time off during certain times of the year to take part in the olive harvest. Gyros are another wonderful meal that many people in the United States may be familiar with. Gyros are a hot pita sandwich filled with lamb meat with yogurt, tomatoes, olive oil, and greens. Many submarine sandwich shops sell gyros, as they are increasing in popularity.

Feta cheese is another well-known signature food of Greece. Feta can be used in a multitude of ways, including sprinkled in salads, baked and eaten as a spread, or combined with filling in pastries for desserts. Fava soup, made with split peas, is a simple dish that is eaten very commonly in Greece. Another soup that many Greeks believe has healing properties is avgolemono soup, which combines chicken, rice and lemon. A very traditional yet savory dish, it is served often when you feel under the weather, although it is also enjoyable any other time as well.

Greek food has a rich heritage and represents a country proud of its history. Food is used as a way of celebrating special events or a time to gather with family. Wine makes a decadent addition, and is also an integral part of Greek culture. Restaurants serving Greek food are commonplace in most American cities, and trying out some fare is highly recommended. A glorious expression of family and togetherness, Greek food should be savored and enjoyed by all.