French Food

French food can be intimidating, mainly because most Americans aren’t aware of what this European cuisine entails. The most common dishes of the French include onion soup, soufflés of many kinds, various cheeses, pate, and a wide variety of wines. The key to delicious French cooking is making sure the freshest ingredients are used. The French pride themselves on their dishes and their cooking styles. It is something they are extremely serious about, and many chefs in the country are like music or movie stars here in the United States.

You may think that Italians have a diet heavy on cheese but in fact, the French consume more cheese per year than any other nation in the world. They actually have etiquette for eating cheese properly. For example, when cutting a slice of cheese for dinner guests, be sure they receive an equal part of the rind as each of the other guests. Hundreds of different kinds of cheeses are made in France, so one can imagine the importance of including this element in many of their popular dishes. The main ingredient in French food is often dependent upon what region the chef is from. For example, a cook from the southeast region of the country might use tomatoes and herbs, while one from the northwest would emphasize more on butter and cream.

If French food seems a little intimidating, no need to worry. There are some wonderful recipes that can be made at home with ease such as a nice mushroom and wine sauce, roasted herb chicken, and scallops with asparagus covered in a rich butter sauce. All of these are simple to make and reflect the food of France. It’s fun to explore the food of other cultures, and French food is an important aspect of good eating and new tastes. Don’t forget to finish off your French meal with a nice cup of café (coffee), and add a shot of espresso for a wonderful ending to a delicious meal.