Food Calorie Chart

Many of us are watching our caloric intake, whether we are on a diet or just watching what we eat. A food calorie chart can really help when trying to keep count of what you are consuming. Sometimes, we want to limit our calories, while other times we want to ensure we are getting enough calories every day. If you are trying to lose weight, it’s important to keep track of how many calories are coming in versus the calories going out through exercise or other means. Every food has a different caloric value, and often this depends on the portion size. When counting calories, be sure to pay special attention to the serving size as well as the food itself. For example, 2 links of sausage contain 48 calories. If you read this on a food calorie chart, be sure you notice that it is for two links instead of one or four. If you eat four sausage links, be sure to multiply the number of sausage links times the amount of calories to get the correct total.

It’s much easier to keep track of calories when you purchase foods that are prepackaged. These foods will have nutritional information already printed on the labels. Again, watch your serving size to make sure you are not consuming too many calories. When you are calculating natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, or meats from the deli, you will want to use a food calorie chart to count how many calories are in the food. Most charts can be found online, and there are also several books you can purchase that list a multitude of foods and their caloric value. Keeping a food log and writing down how many calories you are eating each day can be really helpful when watching your diet. Also, look for a formula that determines the optimum amount of calories you need depending on your height and weight. If you watch calories carefully, it can be a great help when trying to shed those extra pounds.