Fatty Foods

Greasy, fatty foods may taste great, but they should be eaten with caution and in moderation whenever possible. We all love that big hamburger with bacon and cheese, but can we really afford to eat them on a regular basis? Fatty foods are contributors to a number of ailments including high cholesterol, heartburn, and even cancer in some cases. So what foods are considered “fatty” and should be eaten in smaller portions or less often? Butter, most cooking oils, bacon, cheeses, and red meats are some of the main culprits. All of these things are delicious and actually essential for good health, but they need to be consumed with a balanced diet that includes fruit and vegetables to help ensure we are getting all the nutrients we need. When fatty foods are consumed in excess, it can cause major problems.

Fat is necessary to the body to maintain a healthy brain, muscles, and mood. There are basically two kinds of fats: saturated and unsaturated. Those that are saturated are considered to be bad for you, while unsaturated fats are also known as “good fats”. Knowing which type of fats to look for is important for good health. Foods containing the good fats are things like fish, natural oils, and nuts. Foods to avoid in large amounts containing the bad fats are cheeses, red meats, and cooking oils, to name a few. Consuming too many fatty foods can lead to obesity, which also leads to heart disease and other health problems.

You may want to consult a doctor about your current diet, and speak to a nutritionist about ways to change your eating habits while still being able to enjoy some of the things you’re used to eating. Fatty foods do not have to be cut out of your diet completely but should just be cut down if you are a heavy eater of things high in saturated fat. Have your cholesterol checked every two months to ensure your levels are where they should be, eat that bowl of ice cream or bacon cheeseburger less often, keep a diary of what you’re eating, and you should be able to maintain good levels and avoid most of the health problems associated with fatty foods.