Expresso Machines

Coffee is quickly becoming not only a breakfast staple, but a fashion statement as well. Most of us drink coffee either black or with a little bit of cream and sugar, but for those with more distinguished taste, or those who need more of a pick me up in the morning, we need something a little stronger. Expresso and lattes are delicious gourmet variations on plain coffee, and now you can have the coffee shop taste right in your own home. These systems are different from regular coffee makers that use traditional coffee beans and paper filters. An expresso machine allows you to add milk and allow it to froth and add to your coffee. Some companies now make prepackaged coffees that combine these ingredients together beforehand to make the process even easier. Most of the machines make one to two cups at a time, versus a standard coffee maker which usually allows anywhere from four to twelve cups at a time.

Espresso Machine reviews

Most expresso machines cost a lot more than normal coffee makers, but the result is a rich, full flavored taste with a lot of extra oomph. Some models also come with a bean grinder built in for those who prefer their coffee as fresh as you can find it. Additionally, many of these machines have a special filter built in to help clarify the water before brewing to remove any harmful elements, and allow the full-bodied taste of the expresso to come through. If you purchase a quality expresso machine, you’ll know by the layer of foam that settles on the top, indicating your coffee has been made correctly. Most machines have the “frother” built in, which takes the milk and makes into a foamy treat. Another great perk to these marvels is that usually, a cup of expresso can be brewed and ready within sixty seconds, while plan coffee makers can take much longer.