Dog Food

When caring for your dog, you have to be sure you provide him or her with a lot of different things to ensure they are properly cared for. Shots, regular checkups, taking them for walks, and a safe environment are all important factors. But probably the most important thing to know when caring for your dog is that it gets the proper food. Today, many companies make dog food for all types of canines. From the littlest puppy to the largest hound, there are different formulas made especially for dogs based on their size and age in years.

Most puppies should be fed with dog food that specifically states it is made just for puppies. The ingredients are different than the food given to older dogs. A puppy is still in its growing stages, so it needs extra special things like an abundance of protein for strong muscles, calcium to help promote growing teeth, and fatty acids to give your puppy a healthy and shiny coat. As a dog ages, its needs change. Older dogs require food that is easier to digest and may need something with more vitamins and minerals to help maintain their eyesight and to ensure that they stay active in their golden years. A lot of people are concerned with chemicals or animal parts being used to make dog food. There are companies who manufacture all natural dog food, so be sure to ask your vet or do some research if this is a concern and look for the dog food that you think is best for your companion.

Weight can also be a concern with dogs, especially as they get older. These extra pounds can cause strain on a dog’s skeletal system and its lungs. You may need to put your dog on a “diet” and look for dog food specially formulated to help aid in weight loss, and avoid feeding it table scraps. With some careful research, you can find the perfect food that will help give your dog a long, healthy, and happy life.