Dessert Recipes

Probably the best part of a great dinner is what comes next: dessert! Whether it’s cake or pudding, ice cream or cookies, there’s a wide selection of great dessert recipes available. Depending upon what you want to make, you can find some wonderful confections to make for your next dinner. Cakes might be one of the hardest desserts to make, dependent upon your skills and your experience. They require a lot of ingredients and careful planning, not to mention some extra work when you have to ice them once they’ve baked in the oven. The plus side is, everyone loves cake and it’s a classic dessert. Cookies are fairly easy to make, and there are literally hundreds of different cookie recipes out there, so have fun with it. Cookies range from plain chocolate chip to more decadent versions like white chocolate with almond slivers and beyond. Cookies are wonderful because the possibilities are endless.

Mousses and puddings are fun to make and can be elegantly served in a crystal dish with a garnish. Chocolate mousse is a beautiful dessert, although it is slightly harder to make than its counterpart chocolate pudding. Pudding can be made in many different flavors including vanilla and amaretto. You can get really creative with dessert recipes and make something really cool for the kids. Make a chocolate “pizza” with a brownie crust and chocolate syrup for the sauce. There are even desserts now that require no baking, or that can be made in the microwave!

If you enjoy coffee, there are a great many recipes that include coffee in the actual dessert. If you're an Oreo cookie fan, you can incorporate those treats into your dessert. Fruits and various nuts are often dessert staples as well, so feel free to mix and match. No matter what you decide to create, there are plenty of terrific and delicious dessert recipes out there to choose from.