Cat Food

When caring for your feline friend, the food he or she eats is extremely important for good health. Cat food choices are important for all stages of a cat’s life, from a tiny kitten all the way to a full grown adult. When your cat is small, it’s growing at its most rapid rate. He or she will need high amounts of protein at the early stages, so be sure to find food specially formulated for kittens that has all the protein your cat will need. Be sure to feed your kitten cat food ONLY, as human food or table scraps can be extremely dangerous, especially at this crucial stage. When your cat has grown to about six months, it’s time to change foods. You may want to transition your cat into this phase slowly by mixing kitten and adult food together until your cat has grown to one full year old. Then you can feed it adult cat food exclusively.

What Should I Feed My Cat

When feeding your cat, it’s important to remember the basic six things they’ll need: water, protein, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals. All of these things are extremely important in ensuring he grows up healthy. Protein helps maintain organs and tissue. Water helps aid in digestion, while vitamins and minerals play important parts in metabolism functions. Carbohydrates are needed for energy maintenance. These six elements need to be combined in cat food together, so your pet will stay healthier longer. Keep in mind that cats’ digestive systems are specially made to adapt to a high protein and high fat diet, so do not worry about these ingredients like you might for yourself. Cats need these things to help them stay in great condition. As long as your furry friend is getting all of these things on a daily basis from their food, you should have your cat in the family for many wonderful years.