Blenders are an important tool and an integral part of any kitchen. Whether it’s mixed drinks or milkshakes, a good quality blender can provide years of enjoyment and open up a lot of great possibilities. When choosing a blender that’s right for you, it’s important to know what qualities to look for. A good, sharp blade is paramount. Another factor to consider is the amount of liquid that the blender can hold. Most blenders sold today range from around twenty to forty ounce capacities and more. Speed selection is also important, because the speed you use will determine what type of beverage or treat you are serving.

Most blenders feature at least four different speed settings, while some higher-end blenders can have as many as eighteen. Crush, pulse, puree, and whip are just some of the most common settings. Milkshakes are a really popular choice for blenders. Most milkshakes are fairly easy to make. Combine ice cream (you can even mix and match flavors), milk or cream, and flavoring in the blender and set the speed to whip. Allow all ingredients to blend smoothly together, and serve! This is a great summertime treat for adults and children alike.

Some blenders are specially made for bar style beverages, and are really efficient at crushing or pulverizing ice. Margaritas taste wonderful when made in the blender and make a great dessert to go with a Mexican dinner. They’re also wonderful for parties or a relaxing evening. Frozen daquiris are another wonderful drink made with blenders. Sauces and marinades can also be prepared in a blender to provide a smooth concoction of flavors to go with any dinner dish. Be sure the blender you choose comes with a stainless steel or other rust-free blade to ensure years of enjoyment without having to replace parts. Over time, your blender will surprise you with all the wonderful things you can make with it!