The Food Site has information on many food topics. It starts with an explanation of the Food pyramid, to articles and recipes for Low Calorie/Low Fat meals as well as cat and dog food.

The United States Government has recently revised the pyramid to reflect differences in our individual needs. The pyramid will be different according to age, sex and amount of exercise you do. The Food Site will give you a picture diagram of the food chart as well as some fun activities to do, riddles and other links to other children’s nutrition sites.

The Food Site describes different Ethnic types of food including Mexican, Japanese, Spanish and Indian food.

Mexican food is my favorite and is growing in popularity among American diners. Not only do they have wonderful main entrees, but they also have wonderful desserts. Sopapillas and fried ice cream are two of the most popular. How do you make fried ice cream? The Food Site will tell you.

Of course Fast Food is a staple of the American public. It doesn’t necessarily have to be unhealthy food if choices are made according to your lifestyle. Fast food has always been a favorite because…it’s fast. Now, you can make so many different choices at a fast food restaurant. Salads, fruit plates, and even some that provide a low carb menu. The most important thing to a healthier fast food diet is to not opt for the super sized versions. The Food Site states that a large order of fries can contain twice the fat and calories as a regular order.

From fast food to Health Food The Food Site will tell you about which foods are healthy and which you should avoid. Eating healthier can start with just adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet. Natural is good and grains and fish are healthy foods that will benefit the health of your heart.

The Atkins Diet promotes Low Carb Foods to help lose weight. This means you can eat meats, cheeses and eggs which are extremely low carb. Taking in protein will help build muscle while losing fat. Many companies have jumped on the low carb trend and are specifically making versions of their food in low carb versions. The most important part of low carb eating is to be sure you are eating treats that are sugar free or not indulge at all. Many recipes can be found in books and on-line for low carb diets. One of the most popular innovations is a substance that looks like sugar, tastes like sugar and cooks like sugar but is low in carbohydrates.